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Thanks to the advanced technology that has made en electronic camera as a very affordable item for a family. With the advent of modern mobile phones camera has become a part and parcel of our daily life as these tiny electronic eyes are securely embedded in our mobile phones. However if one buys the regular camera form the electronic stores more care has to be taken in collecting the right accessories that come along the camera. Camera And Accessories need to go hand in hand in order to get the optimum performance. Some accessories are mandatory while others are optional. A memory card, batteries represent the former while camera stand and battery cases represent the latter. On a whole these accessories play a critical part in maintaining the main unit. Professional photographers never miss to take the accessories as many stores offer them as a whole package while selling to the professional cameramen. As better images needs higher resolutions which means a larger file size that needs a better or high capacity memory card a camera user to select from these accessories. In addition the USB cables are very much needed to connect the laptops and other storage devices. Many online stores insist on buying the camera pouch which is a must as it protects the camera from accidental falls.

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