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The role of sports is known to be very important in our life. Though sports are popular among all the people of various age groups it help people to keep fit both mentally and physically. This is the real USP of all sporting activities from all parts of the world. Interestingly Sports And Outdoor activities go on a long way in offering a health and peaceful life. To make it simple the term sports is acronym of Social skills, Physical fitness, Obedience, Resourcefulness, Team work and Stress tolerance. The first letters of these terms constitute the word sports. In general all sporting activities help to keep the body fit in a sound manner. This feature is very much seen and felt in the outdoor sports like tennis, football, cricket, and many sports that ate played in the outdoor field amidst the large the crowd. Games like chess, table tennis, squash and many games are played as indoor games which too attract more audience. One can even say that education without sports is considered to be incomplete. With the advent of Internet one can even watch live sports activities by video streaming offered by top global sports websites in the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly sports lovers wisely use Internet to see their favorite sports in live.